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Flying Solo…Filled with Perils….

For every major business transaction:

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Being thoroughly prepared and having the right advisory team, enables success. Whether you are the buying or selling a business, you should consider using the services of SpyGlass Group. We will augment your internal team and help you eliminate the guesswork and wishful thinking that may result from having inadequate resources or being under time pressure. For a given transaction, the Spyglass Group participates in the due diligence process, as a representative of either the buyer or the seller.

Business Case For the Buyer…

As the buyer's representative, our assessment helps the buyer understand the target's existing, and potential, technical and operating pitfalls, costs of remediation, and related business impact. We also assess the buyer's organizational readiness to manage and grow the target and where the buyer can add value, apart from possible economies of scale, financing advantages, etc. These assessments help the buyer make an informed decision on whether to modify or even proceed with the transaction. Our objective is to make the buyer aware of the key technical and operating risks before they close the deal. Otherwise, being surprised by these risks after the deal is closed, could result in substantial delay in product supply or destruction of shareholder value.

Summing it up . . . prevent buyer's remorse!

SpyGlass Proprietary Toolset
 For Acquisitions, the SpyGlass Group offers a four-stage due diligence program:



BUYERS – Technical Operations Due Diligence
We identify and assess technical gaps and operating risks, which might result in 
·        Delays in product approval
·        Disruption in product supply
·        Product recalls
·        Costly remediation
·        Loss of shareholder value
You will make informed decisions to  
·        Modify valuations
·        Proceed with the transaction
·        Terminate the transaction
·        Maximize shareholder value 

Business Case for the Seller…

As the seller's representative, SpyGlass helps the seller prepare the business for sale by providing a discreet and thorough assessment of the operation not only in identifying strengths, but also what cost and performance improvements could make the business more saleable. We help our clients prepare for the challenge of due diligence by establishing a winning strategy. Based upon our experience, we anticipate the buyer's requests and prepare sound answers. By conducting a mock audit, our critical review allows the seller to view the transactions from a buyer's perspective in terms of informational needs and expectations. SpyGlass also prepares and organizes the information package for presentation to the prospective buyer. We represent the client during the due diligence process until business success is achieved.

Summing it up . . . eliminate seller anxiety!


For Divestitures, the SpyGlass Group offers a four-stage program:


SELLERS – Merger & Acquisition Preparation
We will…
·        View transactions from Buyer’s perspective
·        Identify information needs and expectations
·        Provide discreet and thorough assessment
·        Identify strengths to highlight to Buyer
·        Recommend improvements
·        Prepare and organize data and information packages
You will 
·             Avoid protracted negotiations
·             Enhance salability
·             Maximize shareholder value

From our experience, being an unprepared seller can delay a closing, create costly remedial expenditures or cause the prospective buyer to lose confidence in the deal itself.