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Business Case For the Buyer…

BUYERS – Technical Operations Due Diligence
We identify and assess technical gaps and operating risks, which might result in 
·        Delays in product approval
·        Disruption in product supply
·        Product recalls
·        Costly remediation
·        Loss of shareholder value
You will make informed decisions to  
·        Modify valuations
·        Proceed with the transaction
·        Terminate the transaction
·        Maximize shareholder value 

As the buyer's representative, our assessment helps the buyer understand the target's existing, and potential, technical and operating pitfalls, costs of remediation, and related business impact. We also assess the buyer's organizational readiness to manage and grow the target and where the buyer can add value, apart from possible economies of scale, financing advantages, etc. These assessments help the buyer make an informed decision on whether to modify or even proceed with the transaction. Our objective is to make the buyer aware of the key technical and operating risks and hidden value before they close the deal. Otherwise, being surprised by these risks after the deal is closed, could result in substantial delay in product supply or destruction of shareholder value.

Summing it up . . . prevent buyer's remorse!